DHI-VTO4202F-MB1 Dahua One button Half Module

DHI-VTO4202F-MB1 Dahua One button Half Module

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Product Description

DHI-VTO4202F-MB1 Dahua One button Half Module. A compact and versatile accessory designed to provide a streamlined solution for specific functionalities in Dahua intercom systems. Features a single programmable button, this offers users an efficient and customizable way to trigger essential actions or commands with ease.

Features of DHI-VTO4202F-X Series

  • Modules make the device with great expansibility
  • Anodized front aluminum panel; IK07
  • Supports voice and video communication
  • 2 MP high definition fisheye camera with 160° view range
  • Access control function; controls two locks
  • Compatible with 2-wire interface and RJ45 interface
  • Surface mount and flush mount
  • IP65 (Apply silica gel to gaps between the device and the wall. Liquid sodium silicate is recommended. For details, see the quick start guide.)

Overview of DHI-VTO4202F-MB1 Dahua One button

Single Programmable Button: Equipped with a programmable button , customisable to perform various functions. Users assign specific actions or commands to the button, making it a convenient and versatile tool for access control or other operations

Half Module Design: The one-button module is designed to fit half of a standard module slot, providing a space-saving solution for adding specific functionalities without occupying unnecessary space

Versatile Applications: This one-button half module is ideal for various applications, including door release, emergency calls, activating alarms, and more, where a dedicated function button is necessary

Easy Integration: The half modules designed for seamless integration with the selected Dahua intercom system, allowing users to enhance their setup without complex installations