DHI-VTO4202F-MB5 Dahua Five Button Module - Full Module

DHI-VTO4202F-MB5 Dahua Five Button Module – Full Module

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Product Description

The DHI-VTO4202F-MB5 is a Dahua Five Button Module – Full Module. Equipped with five programmable buttons, this provides users with easy access to a range of features and functions, making it an essential component for various access control and communication applications.

Key Features

Five Programmable Buttons: Features five fully customizable buttons, allowing users to assign specific functions or actions to each button. The buttons programmed to control door access, initiate emergency calls, activate alarms, trigger surveillance cameras, and more, offering exceptional flexibility and convenience

Versatile Applications: The DHI-VTO4202F-MB5 is suitable for a wide range of applications. This includes residential complexes, office buildings, educational institutions, and commercial properties, where access control and communication are paramount

Seamless Integration: Designed for compatibility with Dahua intercom systems. The full module integrates seamlessly, extending the capabilities of the existing system without complex installations

User-Friendly Design: The DHI-VTO4202F-MB5 Dahua Five Button features an intuitive and user-friendly design. Therefore, ensuring effortless operation and quick response times during critical situations

Robust and Durable Build: Crafted with high-quality materials, the module is built to withstand daily use and withstands various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting reliability


This module offers a comprehensive solution for access control and communication requirements. To view more Dahua Modular Intercoms avaliable from Videplus, please click here.