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EBGBWC02/PTE/WP Weatherproof Green Dome Button

EBGBWC02/PTE/WP Weatherproof Green Dome Button

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Product Description

EBGBWC02/PTE/WP is a Weatherproof Green Dome Button in stainless steel. This product has a rating of IP65. The button offers a visible and durable means of granting access or initiating actions in various environments, even under challenging weather conditions.

Key Features

Weatherproof Design: The EBGBWC02/PTE/WP features a weatherproof construction, making it resistant to rain, dust, and other outdoor elements. This ensures reliable operation and long-lasting performance, even in harsh weather conditions

Access Control Applications: This dome button is ideal for outdoor access control systems, security gates, perimeter doors, and other entry points. It offers a convenient and secure way for authorized personnel to request access or for visitors to seek entry

Green Dome Design: The prominent green dome design of the button provides clear visibility and easy identification for users. It serves as a recognizable indicator for access control, request for entry, or signaling for assistance

Easy Installation: The EBGBWC02/PTE/WP Weatherproof Green Dome Button is designed for straightforward installation. For example on outdoor surfaces, such as doors, walls, or posts. Its user-friendly setup allows for quick integration into your access control and security systems

Versatile Applications: This weatherproof green dome button finds application in a wide range of outdoor environments, including parking lots, gates, industrial facilities, and public spaces where access control and security are essential