EBGB/AP/PTE Architrave Green Dome Button

    EBGB/AP/PTE Architrave Green Dome Button

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    Product Description

    The EBGB/AP/PTE Architrave Green Arch Dome Buttons combined with a Green Box. This products Ip64 rated. The button offers a discrete yet visible means of granting access or initiating actions, making it ideal for architectural integration while maintaining security measures.

    Key Features

    Green Dome Design: The green dome button provides a clear and recognizable indicator for access control, request for entry, or signaling for assistance. The distinctive color ensures easy identification for users

    Access Control Applications: This architrave green dome button is perfect for access control systems in various settings, including offices, hotels, residential buildings, and other spaces requiring a discreet and unobtrusive access control solution

    Durable Construction: The EBGB/AP/PTE Architrave Green Dome Buttons built to withstand daily use and wear. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for access control needs

    Architrave Design: The button features a slim and low-profile architrave design. Therefore, blending seamlessly with architectural elements such as door frames or panels

    Easy Installation: The green dome button is user-friendly and easy to install on door frames or panels. Its compact size and streamlined design allow for quick integration into your access control and security systems

    Versatile Applications: This architrave green dome button finds application in a variety of environments. For example commercial buildings, hotels, apartment complexes, and other places where discrete access control is desired