GOL-J5110/VESTA7 One Station Vesta 7 Surface Video Intercom Kit

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Product Description


One Station Vesta 7 Surface Video Intercom Kit

This one station kit comes complete with:

  • 1 x JAZZ/1 one push button door panel
  • 1 x Vesta 7 GB2 hands free monitor
  • 1 x FA/GB2 power supply.

The door panel is injected aluminium in a graphite finish. IP-54 rated with a stainless steel call button.

It has an integrated rain shield and a wide angle CCD colour camera (104 degrees)
It has an electronic call with acoustic acknowledgement signal at the door panel.

The panel has icons for indicating system status (call in progress, in communication, lock activated or system busy).

There are two relay outputs for lock and gate activation.

Dimensions without rain shield: 90 x 175 x 26 mm


The main characteristics of the Vesta 7 hands free monitor with “GB2” 2 wires installation are:

  • Casing manufactured in polished ABS white colour.
  • includes mounting connector.
  • Acrylic glass for TFT protection.
  • 7″ TFT LCD of “A Grade” quality.
  • Capacitive touch buttons with acoustic confirmation on press for menu navigation.
  • Multi language graphic user interface.
  • Monitor programming through dip switch.
  • Full duplex audio communication.
  • Preview and auto switch on functions.
  • Do not disturb function with light indication.
  • Input for door bell apartment push button, saving the use of a door bell.
  • Intercommunication with other monitors in the same apartment.
  • Output for connection of SAR-12/24 relay.
  • Ability to patrol four external cameras using DP-CAM-GB2 switching unit.

Dimensions: 210W) x 138(H) x 19(D)mm


To be used with a 12V d.c. lock release.

This system can have up to 4 entrance panels using DP-GB2/A door switcher and 16 apartment unist.

For additional monitors use – Vesta 7 GB2 colour monitor.

For additional door panel use JAZZ/1