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GT-10M3/VF Zinc Modular 10 Way Flush Mount Video Kit

GT-2M3/VS Zinc Modular 2 Way Surface Mount Video Kit

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Product Description

Zinc Modular 2 Way Audio Video, Surface Mounted Intercom with 3.5″ Monitor.

intercom for buildings and dormitories.

More and more places are adopting building codes calling for the installation of video intercoms at lobby entrances. Aiphone’s GT Series provides the best solution for these new requirements. Residents can visually identify their visitors clearly before granting them access to the rest of the building.

Aiphone’s GT Series is a simple, wired intercom solution. Save long term by avoiding the expense of a monthly phone bill, as the GT Series does not require a telephone line connection.

Easily identify guests and buzz them in to grant access. Buildings stay safer when residents properly determine the intent of visitors at entrances.

Reliable Quality

Since their early days in 1950, Aiphone has been world renowned for engineering long-lasting and reliable intercoms. Even after damaging fires and hurricane level floods, Aiphone intercoms still continue to perform. Now that’s dependability! world renowned for engineering long-lasting and reliable intercoms, Aiphone have been reliable since their early days in 1950’s.

Convenient Security

Today’s homeowners and tenants strive for safe and inviting environments. The GT Series provides this additional level of security. Direct calls to Tenant Stations can only be answered from within the residence, ensuring all visitors have been properly screened.

How Zinc Modular 2 Way Surface works

The GT Series has a large variety of stations to create a wide array of configurations. Using Aiphone’s unique modular entry panels, customized door stations can greet visitors and residents at lobbies, garages, and secondary entrances. Tenant Stations can be selected individually to best suit the needs and design of each apartment, condominium, or dorm room.

connect buildings over a network

The new IP bus control unit can bring multiple GT Series systems together. Centralize security by connecting buildings and installing Guard Stations at command centers or property management offices. Dorm rooms will be able to quickly connect to security, even if security is across campus.