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GX30 Globe Wired PIR Detector

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Product Description

The GX30 Globe Wired PIR Detector provides covert PIR detection and incorporates the latest technologies with excellent immunity to nuisance alarms.  This low voltage PIR detector is powered from 12 volts DC and can be used for a variety of purposes from alarm and CCTV motion detection to lighting control.  There are two independent volt free relays; one is dedicated for CCTV and alarm signalling whilst the other can be configured for other purposes that require a longer time and/or different polarity.

Lighting control is ideal from a built-in light sensor due to the varied contact time between the potential gated second relay.

Front and rear tamper is provided by way of volt free normally closed contacts.  The detection area is 30m x 70° and the internal optical assembly can be adjusted from side to side as well as down so that the product does not have to be mounted facing in the direction of the area to be covered. Additionally, curtain coverage and pet immunity is a function during set up. Walk testing is by way of a bright LED.  The GX30 Globe has an IP weather rating of IP55.

  • Stylish covert detector design
  • Pet immune lens array
  • Adjustable pan and tilt feature provides discreet coverage from a variety of angles
  • Sliding internal curtains allow for a customisable field of view
  • 30 metre range
  • Rear and front tampers give an added layer of security
  • Two independent relays contacts, one of which is programmable
  • Robust IP55 weather rated housing

Technical Specifications of GX30 Globe Wired PIR Detector:

  • Power Supply: 12v DC
  • Power Consumption: 17m/a
  • Detection Type: Passive Infrared Dual Element Pyro
  • Detection Range: Programmable between 10 and 30 metres
  • Mounting Height: Variable up to 6 metres – optimum height 3 metres
  • Coverage: 10° – 70°
  • Contact A: Volt free N/O or N/C – 1 second
  • Contact B: Volt free N/O or N/C – 1 second to 5 minutes
  • Light Sensor: Applied to Contact B
  • Adjustment: 180° pan + 90° tilt
  • Pulse Count: 1 – 4
  • Walk-test Facility: High intensity LED
  • Anti-Tamper: Front and rear
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C
  • Weather Rating: IP55
  • Enclosure: Durable ABS UV stabilised housing
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Dimensions: 141mm x 165.6mm x 109mm