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HDCM102T TVI HD Coax Multiplexer 2-Channel Mule

HDCM102T TVI HD Coax Multiplexer 2-Channel Mule

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Product Description

HDCM102T is a TVI HD Coax Multiplexer 2-Channel Mule. This product allows you to utilise existing coaxial cabling for 2 channels of CVBS or AHD/CVI/TVI HD camera signals to be sent down a single coaxial cable run of up to 400m. 12VDC power required for Tx and Rx.

PLEASE NOTE: Use single core coax (75-3, 75-5, RG59 etc) cable to ensure the transmission distance is met, 2 x 12VDC PSU’s are required to power this device

Compatible Video Inputs:

  • TVI: 720P/1080P/3MP
  • CVI: 720P/960P/1080P
  • AHD: 720P/960P/1080P/3MP/4MP/5MP
  • CVBS

Features of HDCM102T TVI HD Coax Multiplexer

Plug-and-Play Installation: Designed for easy plug-and-play installation

HD Coax Transmission: This multiplexer supports HD video transmission over coaxial cables. Therefore, ensuring crystal-clear video quality up to high-definition resolution

Compact and Space-Saving: With its compact form factor, the mules designed to save space in your surveillance setup. Its small size allows for discreet installation in confined spaces or equipment racks

Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demands of security installations. Durable construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions

2-Channel Mule: Features a 2-channel design, this enables you to combine two high-definition TVIvideo signals into one coaxial cable. This multiplexing capability reduces the number of cables required, leading to a cleaner and more organized installation