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Product Description

The HDMI-COUPLER is a Coupler HDMI Socket that’s a reliable and efficient solution for extending HDMI connections with ease. A back-to-back coupler/joiner with sockets at both ends, to join 2 x HDMI leads together. Ideal for digital video and audio signals.


High-Quality Construction: The HDMI-COUPLER Coupler HDMI Socket is crafted from premium materials, guaranteeing excellent signal transmission and durability. The gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, ensuring a reliable connection over time

Easy Extension: Connect two HDMI cables effortlessly with the HDMI-COUPLER. No need to invest in longer HDMI cables; simply join existing cables via HDMI socket to HDMI socket to reach your desired distance without compromising signal quality

Full HD Support: This HDMI coupler supports Full HD 1080p resolution and is compatible with 4K Ultra HD devices. Enjoy crisp and clear video quality for an immersive entertainment experience

Design: Featuring a compact and durable design, it ensures a secure and precise connection between HDMI cables. Whether you need to extend the reach of your home theater setup, gaming console, or multimedia devices, this HDMI coupler offers a simple and effective solution

Space-Saving Solution: Avoid the hassle of cable clutter and preserve the clean aesthetics of your entertainment setup. The HDMI-COUPLER Coupler provides a neat and space-saving solution for extending HDMI connections

Additional Information

Connector Type

HDMI Coupler