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ICS-500ZL Z & L Kit For Standard Magnet

ICS-500ZL Z & L Kit For Standard Magnet

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Product Description

ICS-500ZL is a U500ZL Z & L Kit, specifically designed for use with a standard magnet. A reliable and complete solution for a secure and efficient access control system. Kit combines the strength and versatility of Z & L brackets, ensuring a secure and convenient locking mechanism for various entry points.

Key Features

Z & L Brackets: Including both Z and L brackets, this offers multiple mounting options for your standard magnet. Brackets enable flexible installation on inward and outward-opening doors, making them suitable for a wide range of access control scenarios

Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the kit guarantees durability and reliability, even in demanding environments, providing long-lasting performance

Secure Locking: With the combination of Z & L brackets and a standard magnet, this kit provides a robust locking mechanism, ensuring controlled access and enhanced security for your premises

Easy Installation: The ICS-500ZL Z & L Kit is designed for straightforward installation. This makes it convenient for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts. It includes all necessary hardware for a seamless setup


This Z & L kit offers durable construction, versatile applications, and easy installation to optimize the security and efficiency of your premises. To view other Mag Locks and Bracketry from Videplus, please click here.