ICS-CP22-3WP Waterproof Break Glass Unit Triple Pole Re-Settable

    ICS-CP22-3WP Waterproof Break Glass Unit Triple Pole Re-Settable

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    Product Description

    ICS-CP22-3WP is a Waterproof Break Glass Unit. It’s a durable and reliable solution designed to ensure secure and accessible emergency response in wet or outdoor environments. This waterproof break glass unit features a triple-pole re-settable design, offering enhanced safety and reset capabilities in critical situations.

    The Break Glass Units specifically engineered for use in areas where water or moisture is present. Its IP65-rated waterproof construction ensures protection against rain, splashes, and harsh outdoor conditions. This makes it ideal for installation in locations such as swimming pools, industrial facilities, or outdoor emergency stations.

    The triple-pole re-settable design of the ICS-CP22-3WP adds an extra layer of safety and convenience. Once the alarm has been triggered, the unit can be reset using a special key or tool, allowing authorized personnel to quickly restore normal operation after the emergency situation has been resolved. This eliminates the need for replacing broken glass or components, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient solution.

    Features of ICS-CP22-3WP Waterproof Break Glass

    • Externally rated weatherproof
    • Green plastic
    • Resettable
    • Surface mount
    • COM / NO / NC: change-over-contacts (3 pole)
    • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 135 x 125 x 62 (mm)

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