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ICS-CP22-GEM Break Glass Unit Double Pole. It is re-settable.

ICS-CP22-GEM Break Glass Unit Double Pole Re-Settable

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Product Description

The ICS-CP22-GEM Break Glass Unit Double Pole is re-settable. This robust and reliable solution break glass unit ensures quick and efficient response in case of emergencies. This makes it an essential component for safety and security setups.

Key Features

Double Pole Re-Settable Design: The ICS-CP22-GEM features a double pole re-settable configuration, allowing for easy reset after activation. This feature ensures the break glass unit can be quickly restored to its normal state after use. This makes it available for potential emergencies

Durable Construction: The break glass units built to withstand impact and tampering. Its robust construction ensures that the unit remains functional and effective even in demanding conditions

Simple Installation: The double pole units designed for straightforward installation on walls or panels. Its user-friendly setup allows for quick integration into your emergency response or access control systems

Versatile Applications: This break glass unit is suitable for various environments, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, educational institutions, and public spaces, where emergency response and safety are paramount

Compliance with Safety Standards: The ICS-CP22-GEM Break Glass Unit Double Pole meets safety standards and regulations, ensuring that it provides a reliable and compliant emergency response solution.

The double pole re-settable design, durable construction, and simple installation make it an essential component in your safety and security systems


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