ICS-KS002 Momentary key Switch

    ICS-KS002 Momentary key Switch

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    ICS-KS002 Momentary key Switch, with the switch being a single pole. This action momentary key switch offers quick and secure access with the convenience of a key-operated mechanism, making it an essential component for various environments where restricted entry is required.


    • Brushed stainless steel
    • Narrow style
    • COM / NO / NC change-over-contacts
    • Dimensions (Height x Width): 85 x 85

    Momentary Key Switch: The ICS-KS002 operates on a momentary action, meaning it stays activated only while the key is turned. This precise control ensures access granted only when authorized, enhancing security and access control measures

    Key-Operated Mechanism: The key-operated mechanism adds an extra layer of security, allowing access only to individuals with the designated key. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas where restricted entry is necessary

    Easy Installation: The ICS-KS002s designed for straightforward installation on walls, doors, or panels. Its user-friendly setup allows for quick integration into your access control and security systems

    Versatile Applications: This momentary key switch is suitable for a wide range of environments, including offices, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and secured entrances where controlled access is vital

    Compact Design: The compact design of the ICS-KS002 ensures space-saving installation while maintaining its functionality, making it suitable for various applications with limited space.


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