ICS-SP2 BGU Stopper Red & Green Shell with Sounder (Squealer)

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    Product Description

    The ICS-SP2 is a Break Glass Unit Stopper with Red & Green Shell ,with Sounder. There is also and 50mm spacer. This item is also known as a squealer.

    • Polycarbonate construction
    • Surface mount
    • Can retro fit over existing device
    • Red and green covers supplied
    • Built-in 96db sounder
    • Supplied with Break Seal


    • Protective cover helps prevent malicious or accidental false fire alarms
    • Break seal option for added security
    • Available with or without a 96dB integral sounder powered by a 3V lithium battery

    Standby current: 15μA


    Low: 87dB@1m, 8mA
    High: 94dB@1m, 20mA


    Primary Lithium Battery: 3v, 1500mAH

    Dimensions of ICS-SP2

    116 x 68 x 177.6mm