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Product Description

The IPDE-AR122 12VDC 2A PSU is a purpose-built power supply unit. Designed to provide reliable and stable 12-volt DC output with a maximum current capacity of 2A. This versatile PSU is primarily used for powering locking mechanisms, making it an essential component in access control systems and security setups.

Key Features

Compact Design: The PSU features a compact and space-saving design, allowing easy installation within electrical cabinets or access control enclosures. Its unobtrusive presence makes it ideal for security setups with limited space

Reliable Performance: Built with high-quality components, the IPDE-AR122 PSU delivers reliable and efficient performance. This ensures locking devices operate consistently without glitches or malfunctions

Locking Applications: The IPDE-AR122 PSUs specifically tailored for powering locking mechanisms, such as electric locks, magnetic locks, and solenoid locks. Its consistent and steady 12VDC output ensures secure and reliable operation of locking devices.

Enhanced Security: Locking mechanisms are crucial for maintaining the security of access points, doors, and gates. The PSU ensures continuous and uninterrupted power to the locks, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing the overall security infrastructure

Versatile Use: While primarily designed for locking applications, the IPDE-AR122 12VDC 2A PSU can also power other low-power electronic devices, including access control peripherals, intercoms, and door release buttons