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Product Description

The IPDE-AR125 is a 12VDC 5A PSU that’s primarily used for IPGuard systems. Designed to deliver consistent and stable power for various electronic devices and applications. This versatile PSU offers a reliable solution for powering up your devices while ensuring their optimal performance.

Key Features

Steady 12VDC Output: The PSU provides a reliable 12-volt DC output, ensuring a constant and steady power supply for your devices. It is suitable for powering a range of electronics, including CCTV cameras, LED lighting, access control systems, and more

Efficient and Reliable: Built with high-quality components, this ensures its efficiency and reliability in delivering consistent power to your devices. Designed to meet industry standards and stringent quality controls

Compact Design: This PSU’s compact design allows for easy installation and placement in various setups, even in space-limited environments

Versatile Applications: The IPDE-AR125 12VDC 5A PSU is an ideal power supply unit for numerous applications, including security systems, industrial automation, telecommunications, and other electronic devices

High Power Output: With a maximum output of 5A, this PSU can handle higher power demands. Therefore, making it suitable for devices with greater power requirements

IPGuard: This PSUs commonly used in conjunction with the IPGuard, which is a smart door access control system. The PSU helps provide the necessary power required for operation