IPDE-BSA3 Silver Surface Housing for TP4G-AX IPGuard Mini

    IPDE-BSA3 Silver Surface Housing for TP4G-AX IPGuard Mini


    Product Description

    The IPDE-BSA3 is a Silver Surface Housing for TP4G-AX IPGuard Mini. This surface housing enhances the aesthetics of your entryway, providing a professional and sophisticated appearance while ensuring the longevity of your device.

    • Integral or remote 4G router
    • 3000 flat (name) capacity
    • 2.9’’ Full colour display screen
    • Display LEDs
    • 12 large illuminated braille button keypad
    • Illuminated anti-vandal proximity reader
    • Bluetooth hands-free
    • Voice and visual prompt messages
    • 2no relays
    • Equality Act compliant
    • BS316 s.steel anti-vandal with special security screws
    • Audio and video communications to all smart devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet etc)
    • Audio to land lines and non-smart mobiles
    • Bluetooth hands-free proximity reader
    • Real-time BATICONNECT CLOUD management (www.baticonnect.com)

    The IPDE-BSA3 Silver Surface Housing is designed with elegance in mind. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of modern sophistication to your TP4G-AX IPGuard Mini, seamlessly blending with any decor and architectural style.

    The housing helps to protect your TP4G-AX IPGuard Mini from external elements with this durable surface housing. Shield it from dust, dirt, and minor impacts, ensuring that your device stays in optimal condition for years to come.

    Designed for straightforward installation, mount it effortlessly on any flat surface, allowing you to quickly and securely house your TP4G-AX IPGuard Mini.