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IPDE-DTP4G-NX IPGUARD MINI Door Controller Kit - Black Matt

IPDE-DTP4G-NX IPGUARD MINI Door Controller Kit – Black Matt


Product Description

IPDE-DTP4G-NX IPGUARD MINI Door Controller Kit – Black Matt, flush mount, includes TP4G-AX Panel & EVE196-X3 control unit. This door controller kit offers a perfect blend of modern technology and contemporary aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for various residential and commercial environments.


  • Recommended PSU: IPDE-AR125
  • Integral or remote 4G router
  • 3000 flat (name) capacity
  • 2.9’’ Full colour display screen
  • Display LEDs
  • 12 large illuminated braille button keypad
  • Illuminated anti-vandal proximity reader
  • Bluetooth hands-free
  • Voice and visual prompt messages
  • 2no relays
  • Equality Act compliant
  • BS316 s.steel anti-vandal with special security screws
  • Audio and video communications to all smart devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet etc)
  • Audio to land lines and non-smart mobiles
  • Bluetooth hands-free proximity reader
  • Real-time BATICONNECT CLOUD management (

This door controller kit includes the IPGuard Mini controller, which serves as the central control unit. The controller is equipped with advanced access control features, supporting various authentication methods such as card access, PIN codes, or biometric verification, providing a versatile and customizable access management solution.

The black matt finish of the IPDE-DTP4G-NX IPGuard Mini Door Controller Kit not only enhances the appearance but also adds durability. The matt finish is resistant to fingerprints and scratches, ensuring the kit retains its sleek look even with regular use.