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IPDE-ZAN1055 Remote Aerial with 1m Cable

IPDE-ZAN1055 Remote Aerial with 1m Cable


Product Description

The IPDE-ZAN1055 is a Remote Aerial that has a 3m Cable. This remote aerials engineered to boost signal reception and transmission. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where wireless range and stability are crucial.


Enhanced Wireless Range: The Remote Aerial significantly enhances the wireless range of your devices. It boosts signal reception and transmission, extending the reach of Wi-Fi networks, cellular signals, or other wireless communications.

Versatile Connectivity: This remote aerial is compatible with a wide range of devices and applications, making it a versatile solution for various setups. It can be used with routers, access points, modems, IoT devices, and more.

Reliable Signal Stability: Experience improved signal stability and reduced signal dropouts with the IPDE-ZAN1055 Remote Aerial. It ensures consistent and reliable wireless connectivity, enhancing the performance of your connected devices.

Flexible Positioning: The included 1-meter cable allows you to position the remote aerial in the most optimal location for signal reception. This flexibility enables you to find the best signal coverage for your specific environment.

Compact Design: The remote aerial’s compact size ensures that it doesn’t take up much space, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor installations without being obtrusive.


The IPDE-ZAN1055 Remote Aerial comes with a generous 1-meter cable, offering flexibility in positioning and ensuring optimal signal strength. Whether you need to improve Wi-Fi coverage, cellular reception, or other wireless communication, this remote aerial provides an efficient solution.