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JAR-EO2C Ethernet over Coax/2 Core extender

JAR-EO2C Ethernet over Coax/2 Core extender

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Product Description

The JAR-EO2C Ethernet over Coax is an extender for Ethernet signal over coaxial cable up to 1200m and up to 700m using a network cable. It requires 12VDC.

This Ethernet extender consists of one SV-Unit and one IPC-Unit. It can transfer an Ethernet signal from the IPC-Unit to carrier signal and extend it to SV-Unit through coaxial cable or network cable.  These units can be widely used in security network surveillance and projects where existing coaxial cable can be re-used.


  • The equipment consists of two parts: SV-Unit and IPC-Unit. SV-Unit has 12V DC port, one RJ45 input port and two output ports: BNC and RJ45; IPC-Unit has two input ports: BNC and RJ45, one RJ45 output port and one 12V DC port;
  • Adopt advanced transmission technoloy to transmit Ethernet signal up to 1200m through coaxial cable and transmit Ethernet signal up to 700m through network cable;
  • Ethernet delay less than 1ms; meet point to point application;
  • Standard: IEEE802.3 10BASE-T, IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX;
  • Protection: excellent circuit isolation protection, superior product anti-thunder , anti-static and anti-interference;
  • Appearance: durable and delicate, meet MIT rack installation standard, working temperature: 0℃~55℃;
  • Installation: Plug-and-play, no setting required

The JAR-EO2C Ethernet over Coax is a great option for extending an Ethernet signal. To view more Smart IP accessories from Videplus, please click here.