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JAR-EOC01-POE Ethernet Over Coax Extender

JAR-EOC01-POE Ethernet Over Coax Extender

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Product Description

JAR-EOC01-POE product is an Ethernet extender which can transfer Ethernet signal and power by Ethernet cable or coaxial cable.  It consists of SV and IPC Pieces.

This products specially designed to meet the power supply in the long-distance HD IP transmission and accord with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standard.

The JAR-EOC01-POE can transfer the Ethernet signal and power up to 300m through the coaxial cable, but network latency is less than 20us.

The structure designing of built-in splicing slot on both sides and magnetic attraction as well as hanger on the bottom. This enables multiple installation methods of splicing, adsorption , and wall-mounting.

So it is a cost-effective choice for the HD network surveillance system, transmission and application of the IOT, as well as upgrading and renovating projects.