JAR-PL600K-PT Strong 600 Powerline Adapter Kit

    JAR-PL600K-PT Strong 600 Powerline Adapter Kit


    Product Description

    JAR-PL600K-PT Strong 600 Powerline Adapter Kit

    Strong 600 Powerline Adapter with Passthrough Twin Pack PnP

    Product Key Features

    • Kit of 2 Powerline 600 adapters
    • Speed up to 600 Mbit/s
    • Plug ‘n’ Play Installation
    • HomePlug™ AV standard
    • Perfect for IPTV, HD video streaming and gaming
    • Works with any standard Modem or Router

    The Powerline 600 Kit which includes 2 Powerline 600 adapters creates in an extremely simple way a high-speed home network using your home’s existing electrical wiring at speeds up to 600Mbit/s.

    No new wire required! Connect computers, consumer electronic and network-compatible devices to the Internet in any room and any floor of your home by simply using a power outlet.
    You just have to connect one Powerline 600 adapter to your internet modem via an Ethernet port and your Internet connection becomes immediately available from any power socket by using the second Powerline 600 adapter in the room of your choice.

    No power outlet goes to waste because each Powerline 600 adapter is equipped with an extra noise filtered power socket.

    JAR-PL600K-PT Strong 600 Powerline Adapter Kit


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