KVM-SWITCH-4 USB KVM Switch 4 port

    KVM-SWITCH-4 USB KVM Switch 4 port

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    Product Description

    KVM-SWITCH-4 USB KVM Switch 4 port which allows the user to control 4 PC’s with only one USB keyboard, one monitor and one USB mouse. This makes it the perfect solution for streamlining your workstation and maximizing productivity, making it an essential tool for multi-system management.

    The following can control the KVM:

    • Using the hotkey function on the keyboard
    • The push buttons on the unit itself
    • Depending on the operating system, the software provided

    Specification of KVM-SWITCH-4 USB KVM Switch 4 port:

    • 4 Port KVM Switch
    • Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
    • Supports Auto-Scan Function
    • Has Speaker and Microphone port
    • Push button and hot-key switch function
    • OS independent (Software only works in Windows)

    The switch is equipped with four ports, allowing you to connect and control up to four computers seamlessly. With the push of a button or through keyboard hotkeys, you can effortlessly switch between computers, eliminating the need for multiple keyboards, mice, and monitors cluttering your desk. Say goodbye to cable clutter and enjoy a neat and organized workspace.

    The KVM switch is operating system independent, so it will work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. (Please note the software only works on Windows).

    Upgrade your workstation with the KVM Switch 4 port and experience enhanced efficiency and convenience. Control multiple computers with ease, reduce cable clutter, and enjoy a more organized and productive workspace. Simplify your multi-system management today.