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LGHW12HC Hard Wired PIR Detector

LGHW3020 Hard Wired PIR Detector

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Product Description

The LGHW3020 Hard Wired Passive Infra Red Detector (PIR) have been designed to meet the newest and most demanding requirements of the CCTV market.

These detectors not only meet but surpass the requirements needed for a BS8418 Remote Monitored System. Inside the PIR is a powerful microprocessor which uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the validity of activations and with a combination of Fresnel and mirror optical technology, nuisance alarms are significantly reduced whilst enhancing and maintaining optimum detection.

The LGHW3020 Hard Wired PIR Detector has low power MOS relays for the alarm and tamper outputs. Also contains a shock and three axis sensor to enhance the anti-tamper features. Now includes physical attack, anti-cloaking and unauthorised reorientation detection.

A thermal sensor adjusts the parameters of the PIR in extremes of heat and cold to maintain optimum performance.

Long wide range, coverage 30m out by 20m across. Dual pyro-electric sensors with AB zone filtering.