LGKSQ Wireless Remote Set/Unset unit

    LGKSQ Wireless Remote Set/Unset unit

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    LGKSQ Wireless Remote Set/Unset Key Point.

    Set and un-set systems requirements occur with all Remote Monitored systems. Conveniently this is provided using a key point at the entrance and exit of the site. In order to achieve this there is normally a great deal of civil works to be done which can be costly in time and money.

    To overcome these problems a Genesis Wireless Key Point can now be simply and quickly installed to provide wireless remote setting and un-setting of the system.

    Key Point facia displays alarm status confirmation via the a secure encrypted duplex system.

    Operation is by way of a five digit PIN number providing 248,832 combinations.

    The Key Point works in conjunction with an IP Masthead Receiver which can store up to eight PIN numbers and associated user names.

    Communication to the masthead receiver is via Ethernet or RS232. As this is a duplex system, check the set / un-set status of the system. From both the keypoint and over IP.

    Upgrade existing Genesis installations to take advantage of the Key Point. The range is approximately 300 metres of the LGKSQ Wireless Remote Set/Unset.