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LGRM8ELR Galaxy 8 Zone relay Control unit

LGRM8ELR Adpro 8 Zone relay Control unit

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Product Description

LGRM8ELR is an Adpro 8 zone relay expander that is suitable for Adpro A2K2T1K1.The relay modules can be fitted to an LGRU16ELR to provide an extra 8 alarm and 8 tamper contacts. With the second module fitted, the Relay Unit then has 16 alarm and 16 tamper outputs.

Key Features

Unit allows you to control up to 8 separate zones, offering comprehensive management for different electrical circuits or devices. Each zone can be independently controlled, providing flexibility and customization

The LGRM8ELR has screw terminals and End Of Line Resistors, which have ability to plug in as modules

The LGRM8 relays provide eight Normally Closed tamper contacts and eight Change Over alarm contacts

This modules supplied with a one metre ribbon cable. Easily stripped back for individual connection to alarm inputs, if required

Equipped with reliable relay switches, the unit can handle electrical loads and effectively control lights, appliances, motors, and other electrical devices in each zone. The relay switches ensure efficient and safe operation of devices

Designed for expandability and scalability, the LGRM8ELR Adpro 8 Zone relay Control unit allows you to add more zones or integrate with other Galaxy devices to accommodate evolving needs

The LGRM8ELRs powered by Adpro technology, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. This technology enhances the overall efficiency and functionality of the relay control unit