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LGRU16ELR Castle 8 Zone relay Control unit

LGRU16 8 Zone relay Control unit

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Product Description

The LGRU16 is a 8 zone Relay control unit, with zones expandable to 16. The control unit has volt free relay outputs. LGRU16 control interface relay units provide physical alarm and tamper outputs for DVR and Alarm systems.


  • Eight Independently Controllable Zones
  • Versatile Relay Switching
  • Precise Control and Automation
  • Easy Integration
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Robust Construction
  • Safety and Protection

Overview of LGRU16 8 Zone relay Control unit

The LGRU16 control unit comes equipped with eight zones, each with individual relay controls. This feature allows you to independently manage and control different electrical devices or systems, providing ultimate flexibility and convenience

LGRM8 relay module provides 8 alarm and 8 tamper relay contacts supplied with the LGRU16. Interfaced to virtually any alarm system. A further LGRM8 module can be added to increase it to 16 alarm and 16 tamper outputs. Between one and four LGRU16 relay units can be connected with a single masthead receiver to provide the maximum of 64 alarm and 64 tamper contacts.

The control units designed for easy integration into your existing automation infrastructure. It supports various communication protocols, making it compatible with popular home automation systems and controllers. Built with high-quality materials, the LGRU16s engineered for reliability and durability. Its robust construction ensures dependable performance in demanding environments.