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LGRU16ELR Castle 8 Zone relay Control unit

LGRU16ELR Galaxy 8 Zone relay Control unit

Product Documents

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Product Description

The LGRU16ELR is a Galaxy 8 Zone relay Control unit, the 8 zones are expandable to 16. This products desgined for suitability with Galaxy alarm panels, A1KT1K. The LGRU16ELR has screw terminals and End Of Line Resistors built in. The resistor values are plug-in modules and may be changed according to the alarm type.

Features of the Unit

Display shows information on alarms faults and tampers on front panel. This informations held in the log

PIR’s call in periodically, monitored individually. If they fail to call in, an alerts raised

Additional RS232 output allows PC to connect, and the FREE MH Manager Software. Used to analyse the wireless system

The control unit features a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy setup and configuration of each zone. Clear indicators and status displays provide straightforward monitoring and management of the controlled circuits

Equipped with reliable relay switches, the unit can handle electrical loads and effectively control lights, appliances, motors, and other electrical devices in each zone. The relay switches ensure efficient and safe operation of the device

The LGRU16ELR Galaxy 8 Zone Relay Control Unit allows you to control up to 8 separate zones, offering comprehensive management for different electrical circuits or devices

The unit finds applications in various settings, including smart homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and more. It offers a robust solution for precise control over electrical circuits and enhances automation efficiency