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LGWT434 Wireless Walk Test Instrument

LGWT434 Wireless Walk Test Instrument

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Product Description

Wireless system walk test instrument, TX/RX capability, includes Ni-Cad batteries & charger.

The Genesis Walk Test Instrument is an invaluable tool when it comes to setting up and testing a wireless PIR system.

An LCD shows PIR information such as Detection, Tamper, Cloak, Shock and re-orientation. In addition it shows ID number, Lens type, Pulse count setting, signal strength and battery condition. Each detection or tamper is accompanied by an audible bleep. In addition, the display can also show an alpha numeric name for each PIR which makes identification easier.

The walktester will receive signals directly from the PIR detectors for fast accurate set up of the detection zones but the main advantage is when it receives the signals via the Masthead. This feature is unique and enables the
installer to verify that the masthead receiver is receiving and that the signal strength at the masthead is sufficient.

This walktester can also transmit to simulate a PIR in order to check proposed PIR positions before installation begins.