LO15HD4GEU OCULi Wireless HD 4G PIR Camera-Oculi Battery Powered PIR Camera

LO15HD4GEU OCULi Wireless HD 4G PIR Camera

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Product Description

LO15HD4GEU OCULi Wireless

OCULi battery powered, standalone wireless PIR detector with a builtin 5 megapixel camera. It provides rapid visual verification of captured events using the 4G mobile network. Control and self-monitor units and sites via unique OCULi web portal and mobile phone app.

OCULi used anywhere with a good 4G signal. Our UK SIMs are provided by BT and are non-network specific so that they will always use the strongest signal. All footage stored on the cloud server, easily downloaded for prosecution purposes. Monthly SIM cost includes cloud user fees.

OCULi requires 2 x lithium D cell batteries which are sold separately, otherwise a Solar Kit can be purchased which is supplied with rechargable batteries.  The OCULi PIR Camera is ideal for construction sites, fly-tipping hot spots and vacant properties where power is compromised or non-existent.


Main NEW features:

  • Fitted with 5 megapixel camera for high definition event images
  • Live streaming available with solar kit
  • User can request more footage of an event (solar kit advisable)
  • Manually arm and dis-arm units, over-riding schedule
  • Two way audio call for real time voice challenge with horn speaker
  • Automatically plays pre-recorded message of alarm with horn speaker
  • Switchable IR-cut filter – true colour day footage and improved night images
  • Selectable camera resolution – choose from VGA, HD, Full HD and 5MP


LO15HD4GEU OCULi Wireless Features:

A solar kit is available which facilitates other features such as Live Streaming and requests for further footage and manual Arm/Disarm. A horn speaker kit is available to provide voice or audio challenge. Telephone the OCULi to make a two-way voice call or simply play pre-recorded messages or alarm sounds.

The PIR detection range is 15m x 90° using a quad sensor which matches the camera’s field of view. A switchable IR-cut filter means you will see realistic colour images by day and still be able to see images in the dark by way of the powerful built in IR illumination. The PIR settings are adjustable within the web portal, allowing the user to configure sensitivity, and/or gating and pulse counting, as well as the day/night threshold. LO15HD4GEU OCULi Wireless fully tamper protected with IR anti-masking, 3 axis inertia sensing and enclosure tampers.

The arming schedule can be set individually or site-wide for each day of the week and can be set and unset up to 3 times per day. With the addition of a pluggable wireless module, it is possible to arm and dis-arm a site using a Genesis wireless keypad. This module allows OCULi to interact with Genesis PIR detectors and Alertex sounders to provide a comprehensive security solution.

The OCULi online web portal is a full monitoring platform for use with your OCULi units. It allows you to view footage captured by your units, add sites, change the unit settings, assign new users and keep track of your SIMs and data usage. The OCULi mobile app provides a convenient way to receive event notifications directly to your phone. Status of the battery monitored, with depletion alerts being send out when neccessary.


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