NXFOB Mobile Panic Alert

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Product Description

Mobile Panic Alert

  • Dual button keyfob
  • Anti-false press button sequence
  • Up to 100m transmission range
  • 2 year battery life (dependent on usage)
  • License exempt
  • Battery: 12V alkaline – 23A type
  • Frequency: 433.42Mhz
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +40°C
  • Dimensions (mm): L75 x W45 x D19

The NXFOB is a dual button fob that can be used in conjunction with the Nexus Wireless Alert system.  The keyfob acts as a portable call point and activates the Nexus system when both buttons are pressed and held for 4 seconds; this helps to avoid false activation. Users must be within 100 metres of the standard Nexus alerts. The LED light on the fob shows the status of the device when transmitting.  A lanyard with a breakaway clip is supplied with the unit so that it may be worn around the neck and accessed easily in case of a lockdown situation. The NXFOB counts as one of up to 64 Nexus units that can be used per site.