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NXECVB-RM Master External Alert call point with voice annunciator and beacon

NXICVB-R Internal Alert call point with voice annunciator and beacon


Product Description

NXICVB-R Internal Alert call point with voice annunciator and beacon. This intelligent call point combines a voice annunciator and a bright beacon to provide clear and instant alerts during emergency situations, ensuring prompt response and swift action.


  • Battery powered
  • Rapidly deployable and reusable
  • Wireless with up to 64 units on one site
  • Long range transmission of 1km between units
  • Visual beacon and audible sounder
  • Works on advanced wireless mesh protocol negating the need for repeaters
  • IP Masthead receiver available for remote monitoring
  • 3 year battery life with low battery alerts

Overview of NXICVB-R Internal Alert Call Point

Internal Alert System: The Call Point serves as an internal alert system, enabling immediate communication and notification within indoor spaces such as buildings, offices, schools, and healthcare facilities

Quick and Easy Activation: The call points designed for quick and easy activation during emergencies. The user can simply press the clearly marked button to trigger the voice annunciator and beacon alert

Durable and Robust Build: Crafted from durable materials, the call point is built to withstand daily use and can withstand accidental impacts, ensuring its reliability in critical situations.

Versatile Installation: Eeasily installed on walls or strategic locations, ensuring its accessibility and visibility to occupants


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