sounder and beacon

    NXSB-B IP66 sounder and beacon


    Product Description

    NXSB-B IP66 sounder and beacon is a powerful and weather-resistant combination device. Designed to deliver audible and visual alerts for a wide range of safety and security applications. With a robust IP66-rated enclosure, this sounder and beacon ensures reliable operation even in harsh outdoor environments.


    • Battery powered
    • Rapidly deployable and reusable
    • Wireless with up to 64 units on one site
    • Long range transmission of 1km between units
    • Visual beacon and audible sounder
    • Works on advanced wireless mesh protocol negating the need for repeaters
    • IP Masthead receiver available for remote monitoring
    • 3 year battery life with low battery alerts

    Overview of NXSB-B IP66 sounder and beacon

    Audible and Visual Alert: Combining a loud sounder and a bright beacon, this provides both audible and visual alerts. This dual alert system enhances situational awareness and ensures effective notification in noisy or visually challenging environments

    Durable and Reliable: Crafted with high-quality materials, the NXSB-Bs built for durability and reliable performance in demanding environments, ensuring longevity and operational effectiveness

    IP66 Weatherproof Rating: Engineered with an IP66-rated enclosure, it’s built to withstand dust, water, and other outdoor elements. This rugged construction makes it suitable for installation in outdoor areas, including industrial sites, parking lots, construction zones, and more