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IP66 annunciator and beacon

NXSB-R IP66 sounder and beacon


Product Description

NXSB-R IP66 sounder and beacon. A highly reliable and powerful safety communication device designed to provide audible and visual alerts in outdoor and challenging environments. This IP66-rated device ensures clear and immediate notifications during critical situations.


  • Battery powered
  • Rapidly deployable and reusable
  • Wireless with up to 64 units on one site
  • Long range transmission of 1km between units
  • Visual beacon and audible sounder
  • Works on advanced wireless mesh protocol negating the need for repeaters
  • IP Masthead receiver available for remote monitoring
  • 3 year battery life with low battery alerts

Overview of NXSB-R IP66 sounder and beacon

High-Intensity Sounder: The device features a powerful sounder capable of emitting loud and attention-grabbing sound signals. The audible alert ensures that the emergency notification is heard over ambient noise and traffic in outdoor environments

Bright Beacon: The NXSB-R incorporates a bright LED beacon with high visibility, even in adverse weather conditions. The flashing beacon acts as a visual indicator, drawing immediate attention to the emergency situation

Durable and Reliable: Crafted with high-quality materials, the NXSB-R ensures durability and reliable performance, critical for maintaining effective communication during emergencies

IP66 Weatherproof Rating: Engineered with an IP66-rated enclosure, the NXSB-Rs built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making it suitable for installation in environments prone to dust, water, and extreme temperatures