PSU-24VDC-2.5A (60W) Inline PSU AC Adapter

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    Product Description

    The PSU-24VDC-2.5A is an inline PSU adapter designed to provide a steady and dependable power source to your electronic devices. Delivering a 24V DC output with a 2.5A output, this ensures that your devices run smoothly without voltage fluctuations.


    Universal Compatibility: With a standard DC barrel plug, it’s compatible with a wide range of devices

    Plug-and-Play: Easy to install and use. Simply plug it in and let it handle the power needs of your devices with ease

    Versatile Application: Suitable for both commercial and residential use. This PSU adapter is perfect for security systems, CCTV cameras, LED lighting, and much more

    Ensure your devices receive the power they need without compromise. The PSU-24VDC-2.5A Inline PSU Adapter is your dependable choice for consistent, stable, and efficient power delivery