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RC816-CAT5 16 Way Remote Control CAT5 Video

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Product Description

RC816-CAT5 16 Way Remote Control CAT5 Video

The Nortek Remote Switch family moves into a new generation with the RS816 & RS88 sixteen & eight camera remote switches.  Sixteen cameras switched to four monitors completely independently, if required.

This system finds applications where personnel in installations are required to be able to view some or all of the security systems’ video channels without having access to the recording equipment. Covert cameras have the ability to be inaccessible through using a handset with less channels than the remote switch, and the switch has an ability to lock out the cameras via setting of control handset.
Switch assembled into a working system quickly through plug & socket connections for every interface, allowing for easy installation. Cameras & monitors connected via BNC, the controller handsets are CAT5 with RJ45 sockets and the powers 12Vdc connected through 3.5mm jack on the RS box. The controller handsets powered through control cable.

Features of RC816-CAT5 16 Way Remote Control CAT5 Video

  • Plug & play installaation
  • Complete backward compatibility with RS616 Family
  • CAT5 cabling to handsets
  • 16 or 8 Cameras
  • 1 or 4 Monitors
  • Video CAT5 option – Convert to COAX balun in handset
  • Handsets for 4, 8, 12, 16 cameras – manual or operator set auto sequence
  • 4 Alarms per handset assignable to any 4 cameras
  • Handset to switch range up to 150m