RG59-100 Full Copper RG59 100m Roll Coaxial Cable

    RG59-100 Full Copper RG59 100m Roll Coaxial Cable

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    RG59-100 Full Copper RG59 100m Roll Coaxial Cable

    RG59 cables used for video transmission and is insulated and shielded to minimise electrical and radio frequency interference. Typically installed in low bandwidth and lower frequency applications. Usually below 50 MHz, for systems such as CCTV security cabling or analogue video. 

    RG59’s commonly used for analog CCTV applications and other audio video applications requiring a 75-ohm cable. It’s suitable for wiring analog TV aerials, component video cables, home theaters, and short and medium-length connection cables between digital cable and satellite receivers.

    The cable roll s crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using full copper conductors throughout its length. Copper, known for its exceptional conductivity and durability, ensures the efficient and reliable transmission of signals without any loss or degradation. This translates into sharp, vibrant visuals and clear, immersive audio, allowing you to experience every detail with stunning clarity.

    Installation is a breeze with the RG59-100 Full Copper Coaxial Cable. Features industry-standard connectors, ensuring easy compatibility with a variety of devices. For example TVs, DVRs, cameras, and more. The connectors provide a secure and seamless connection, minimizing signal loss and interference for an optimal viewing and listening experience.

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