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RG59-100+2CORE-100MT Full Copper RG59 & 2 Core Cable 100m Roll

RG59-100+2CORE-100MT Full Copper RG59+2 Core

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Product Description

RG59-100+2CORE-100MT Full Copper RG59 is designed to meet the demands of modern installations, this high-quality coaxial cable is perfect for a variety of applications, from security systems to home theaters and beyond.

Cables constructed with full copper conductors, ensuring optimal conductivity and durability. Copper, renowned for its excellent electrical properties, guarantees reliable signal transmission without any loss or distortion. Experience vivid visuals and crystal-clear audio with this premium coaxial cable, immersing yourself in every detail and creating an exceptional viewing and listening experience.

Not only does the RG59-100+2CORE-100MT excel in signal transmission, but it also incorporates two additional cores for power supply. These extra cores allow you to conveniently connect power-dependent devices, such as cameras or other equipment, without the need for separate wiring. Streamline your installations and eliminate clutter with the RG59-100+2CORE-100MT, saving time and effort while ensuring a clean and efficient setup

Installation is a breeze with the RG59-100+2CORE-100MT. It features industry-standard connectors that ensure seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re connecting cameras, DVRs, or other components, these connectors provide a secure and stable connection, minimizing signal loss and interference for optimum performance.

The cables used for video tranmission, paired with a +/- 2-Core for power transmission. This cable type comes in a 100m Roll.

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