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RJ45-PLUG-CAT6 RJ45 male crimp on plug for cable

RJ45-PLUG 50 Pack CAT5 Plugs

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Product Description

The RJ45-PLUG-CAT5 is a 50 pack of clear RJ45 male crimp on plugs for CAT5 cable. A straightforward, simple fit ethernet plug.  Clear plastic mold ensures cable cores are fed into correct pin channels when making patch or ethernet leads.

Key Features

CAT5 Compatibility: The plugs are specifically designed for use with CAT5 cables, ensuring reliable data transmission and network performance. They are backward compatible with CAT5e cables as well, offering versatility in your networking projects

Secure Connection: These plugs feature a durable design that ensures a tight and secure fit when crimped onto CAT5 cables. The snug connection reduces signal interference, providing stable data transmission and minimizing data loss.

Easy Installation: The plugs are user-friendly and easy to install. Simply insert the individual CAT5 wires into the designated slots on the plug, crimp the plug onto the cable using a compatible crimping tool, and you’ll have a professional-grade Ethernet connection ready to use

Bulk Packaging: The pack includes 50 individual CAT5 plugs, providing a cost-effective solution for larger networking projects or for keeping extras on hand for future use


The RJ45-PLUG 50 pack is a great option when it comes to connectors. To view more Connectors avaliable from Videplus, please click here.

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