RJ45-PLUG-CAT6 RJ45 male crimp on plug for cable

    RJ45-PLUG-CAT6 50 Pack CAT6 Plugs

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    Product Description

    The RJ45-PLUG-CAT6 is a 50 pack of clear RJ45 male crimp on plugs for CAT6 cable. A straightforward, simple fit ethernet plug.  The clear plastic mold ensures cable cores are fed into correct pin channels when making patch or ethernet leads.

    Key Features

    Secure Connection: These plugs feature a durable and precise design that ensures a tight and secure fit when crimped onto CAT6 cables. The snug connection reduces signal interference and helps maintain stable data transmission

    Easy Installation: The plugs are user-friendly and easy to install. Simply insert the individual CAT6 wires into the designated slots on the plug, crimp the plug onto the cable using a compatible crimping tool, and you’ll have a professional-grade Ethernet connection in no time

    Versatile Applications: The pack of CAT6 plugs offers versatile applications. This makes it suitable for various networking projects, from home setups to large-scale commercial installations

    Bulk Packaging: The pack includes 50 individual CAT6 plugs. Making it cost-effective and convenient for large installations or for keeping extras on hand for future use


    The RJ45-PLUG-CAT6 50 pack of RJ45 plugs is a fantastic product to have on hand, due to the versatility of them. To view more Connectors avaliable from Videplus, please click here.

    Additional Information

    Connector Type

    RJ45 CAT6