RJ45CAT5-5-RAP 50 Pack CAT5 Easy-Crimp Plugs 50 pack of clear RJ45 male Easy-Crimp crimp on plugs for CAT5 cable.

RJ45CAT5-50RAP 50 Pack CAT5 Easy-Crimp Plugs

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Product Description

RJ45CAT5-50RAP 50 Pack is a 50 pack of clear RJ45 male Easy-Crimp crimp on plugs for CAT5 cable.

A straightforward, simple fit ethernet plug.  Easy-Crimp clear plastic RJ45 plugs allows cable cores to be fed straight through the RJ45 plug.  As each core of the twisted pairs is fed through the plug, a quick check of the ordering can be performed, and then crimped.  Cabling excess through the plugs cut flush using the Easy-Crimp Tool

The colour code for a Type B RJ45 plug, also known as T568B, is as follows:

  • Pin 1: White/Orange
  • Pin 2: Orange
  • Pin 3: White/Green
  • Pin 4: Blue
  • Pin 5: White/Blue
  • Pin 6: Green
  • Pin 7: White/Brown
  • Pin 8: Brown

RJ45CAT5-50RAP 50 Pack are standardized connectors used primarily for Ethernet networking cables. RJ45 Plugs are the most common type of connector used to connect network devices, such as computers, routers, switches, and modems, to local area networks (LANs) or the internet.  The RJ45 plug has eight pins or conductors arranged in the TYPE B configuration.

Twisted pair cables typically used with RJ45 plugs. Specifically Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cables. These cables consist of four pairs of wires, each with a specific colour-coding scheme. When terminating an Ethernet cable, the individual wires carefully arranged and inserted into the correct slots within the RJ45 plug. The plugs then crimped or pressed down to secure the wires in place.

Once the RJ45 plugs properly attached to the cable, insert into an RJ45 jack on a network device or a wall outlet, establishing a wired network connection. The plug’s design ensures a reliable and standardized connection, allowing for high-speed data transmission and network connectivity.