UB-ISO-BEAM-16 Ubiquiti NanoBeam 16 Isolator Shield

    UB-ISO-BEAM-16 Ubiquiti NanoBeam 16 Isolator Shield

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    Product Description

    UB-ISO-BEAM-16 Ubiquiti NanoBeam 16 Isolator Shield is an anti-interference solution intended for the NanoBeam NBE-M5-16 and NBE-5AC-16 devices.  It is an RF Isolator shield accessory for enhancing signal isolation. Will reduce interference from any nearby frequencies or weather conditions that may effect signal strength.

    Key Features

    Easy Installation: Designed for easy and hassle-free installation. It seamlessly integrates with your existing Ubiquiti NanoBeam 16 unit, saving valuable time during setup

    Superior Isolation: Engineered to provide superior isolation between multiple NanoBeam 16 units operating in close proximity. Reducing co-channel interference and signal reflections enhances the overall performance and stability of your wireless network

    Weather-Resistant Design: Built with durable materials and featuring a weather-resistant design, this ensures reliable operation even in harsh outdoor conditions. It protects the NanoBeam from the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance

    Interference Mitigation: By minimizing interference and optimizing signal integrity, this isolator shield mitigates the impact of noise and other wireless signals. Ensuring consistent and uninterrupted data transmission in your wireless network

    Ubiquiti Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with Ubiquiti NanoBeam 16 units, this isolator shield seamlessly integrates with Ubiquiti’s wireless ecosystem, offering a seamless and optimized solution for your network


    Enhance your wireless network’s efficiency, reduce interference, and ensure secure data transmission for a seamless network experience with the UB-ISO-BEAM-16 Ubiquiti NanoBeam 16. To view more Wireless Access Point products, please click here.