VN-POE-EXT2 2 Port PoE Repeater, powered via PoE

    VN-POE-EXT2 2 Port PoE Repeater


    Product Description

    The VN-POE-EXT2 is a 2 Port PoE Repeater that is powered via PoE. It is ideal for utilising a single CAT5/CAT6 cable for two IP cameras.  This unit takes a single CAT5/CAT6, providing PoE in and basically splits it, allowing you to connect, and power, two IP Cameras through 2 x PoE ports up to 100m away.

    Features of PoE Repeater

    • Advanced Network Cable Drive Technology
    • 1 x PoE Input 10/100mbps, 2 x PoE Output 10/100mbps
    • Compatible with End-Span & Mid-Span
    • Circuit Isolation Protection
    • Plug & Play – No Setting Up Required
    • Easy Installation

    The PoE repeater is specifically designed for PoE applications, offering two additional PoE ports to extend the range of your existing PoE network. It acts as a repeater, amplifying and regenerating PoE signals, ensuring stable power delivery and data transmission over extended distances. This versatile device allows you to overcome the limitations of cable length and efficiently extend the reach of PoE signals, providing seamless power and data transmission to remote devices.

    Designed for reliability, the VN-POE-EXT2 features robust construction and high-quality components. Built to withstand demanding environments, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its compact and durable design ensures reliable operation even in challenging conditions.