VP-GLI-HD Ground Loop Isolator for CVI/TVI/AHD/Analogue

    VP-GLI-HD Ground Loop Isolator for CVI/TVI/AHD/Analogue

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    Ground Loop Isolator for CVI/TVI/AHD/Analogue

    Our HD-Video Anti-Interference Device is a passive highly efficient and highly reliable ground loop isolator for HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/Analogue video signal over coaxial cable.  Its magnetic isolation technology adoption can effectively solve the interference issues caused by different ground potential during the signal transmission, which improves the video anti-interference capability and effectively eliminate the splitting and scrolling of pictures. The devices embedded lightning protection system improves the stability. It is widely used in various complicated security surveillance projects.

    • Passive, no power required.
    • Eliminate Video distortion caused by ground loops circuit.
    • Eliminate issues as image tearing, cross-talk, rolling etc.
    • Fully compatible with HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, Analogue Video signals.
    • Built-in 800v insulated voltage.
    • Excellent anti-interference capability, superior lighting-protection,ESD and EFT capability.
    • Linkable housings for neat installation.