VPR-HV1600B 16 Channel DVR unit

    VPR-HV1600B 16 Channel DVR unit

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    The VPR-HV1600B is a 16 Channel DVR unit, TVI/CVBS/IP FULL 1080P, HDMI,VGA,BNC, 1 AUDIO, 1 SATA. This is a robust and advanced solution designed to meet your surveillance and security needs. The DVR unit offers reliable recording, remote monitoring, and comprehensive management of up to 16 camera channels, providing a powerful surveillance system for your property.

    This 16 channel DVR Unit has the following special functions:

    P2P Function: Using Device ID and password to login www.vssweb.net; Realize remote monitoring, playback and control like IE Web login. No need any network, IP setting, easy for end user to use network function.

    Cloud Storage: Supports the use of Dropbox and Google Drive

    With the ability to support up to 16 camera channels, it enables comprehensive coverage of your premises, ensuring that every important area is monitored and recorded. Whether you’re securing a small business, a retail store, or a large residential property, this DVR unit provides the necessary tools for effective surveillance.

    The VPR-HV1600B 16 Channel DVR unit offers user-friendly management and intuitive navigation. It provides a user interface that is easy to navigate and configure, enabling you to customize settings, review footage, and manage your camera channels efficiently. Additionally, it supports multiple viewing options, such as split-screen or full-screen display, providing a flexible viewing experience.


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