VPX-K02 White Deep Base

    VPX-K02 White Deep Base

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    Product Description

    The VPX-K02 is a White deep base that is compatible for use with VPX-EB12A-MVFIR and VPX-BLX2A-MVFIR. This white deep base offers a sturdy and secure mounting solution, which ensures your cameras are firmly positioned for optimal surveillance coverage.

    Key Features

    Secure Mounting: The VPX-K02 provides a secure and stable mounting platform for VPX-EB12A-MVFIR and VPX-BLX2A-MVFIR cameras. Ensuring they remain in place for consistent and reliable surveillance performance

    Easy Installation: The Deep Bases designed for straightforward installation, making it convenient for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts

    Compatible Design: Specifically designed to be compatible with VPX-EB12A-MVFIR and VPX-BLX2A-MVFIR cameras. This white deep base perfectly complements their design, ensuring a seamless and professional installation

    Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, this deep base protects the cameras from rain, dust, and other environmental elements, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance

    Aesthetically Pleasing: The clean white color of the VPX-K02 White Deep Base adds a touch of elegance to your surveillance setup. Which blends effortlessly with the cameras’ appearance for a neat and professional look


    Its secure mounting, durable construction, and compatibility with cameras make it an indispensable accessory to elevate your surveillance system. To view more VPX Deep Bases avaliable from Videplus, please click here.


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