Aiphone Intercom System Wholesaler Distributor Supplier

Aiphone intercom system wholesaler distributor supplier. Videplus are an Aiphone intercom system distributor based in Belfast, Northern ireland covering all of the UK and Ireland with next day delivery available. We stock Aiphone audio intercoms and Aiphone video intercoms and a good range of Aiphone spare replacement parts you may require. Call our sales team on 028 9032 9480 for further assistance.

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Aiphone Intercom System Wholesaler Distributor Supplier

For a 2 wire video intercom system look no further than the JOS-1V

Aiphone JOS-1V 7″ video entry kit

The JO Series conveniently identifies visitors at locked doors. Inside stations feature easy to use touch buttons and a large, 7” video screen. The JO Series can accommodate one door and up to two inside stations. Ready to install box sets include one door station, one inside station, and power supply.

  • 7″ Screen
  • Touch buttons for system control
  • Elegant styling
  • Slim design video master: 13/16″ depth
  • 2-conductor wiring

Kit including : 1 x JO-1MD + 1 x JO-DV + 1 x PS-1820D





For the more complex systems Aiphone have their GT series in both audio only and audio video panels with or without keypad or prox cut out to suit your requirements. It is also possible to get engraving on the outdoor stations and many other variations. Just tell our sales team your requirements and we find an Aiphone intercom system to suit. 

The GT series consists of 3 different types of components (entry panels / security guard stations, bus control devices, and tenant stations). There are two types of entry panels (modular and All-in-one). The bus control devices are usually mounted in a utility closet and provide power and wiring distribution to the system. There are a variety of tenant stations, from audio only with or without a handset, to audio/video with or without a handset. Choose the type best suited for your application.

The entry panel contains the Form C dry contacts for the door release. The entry panel will require power if it uses a digital display screen. In a utility closet, you will have a GT-BC (audio bus controller) and a PS-242UL (24VDC) power supply. If it is a video system, you will also have the GT-VBC. In larger systems (above 5 entry panels or 48 tenants) you will also have the GT-BCX and GT-VBX. The tenant stations can be intermixed with both audio only and audio/video stations in the same system.

The system can be programmed on a bench prior to installation. If programming in the field, it is recommended that two people be there and work together. For a basic set-up, use the GT Series QuickStart Guide for a step-by-step programming procedure. The GT Series Multi-Tenant Security Intercom Installation Videos will walk you through the programming process as well.  For more information you can find it here.