Walk Through Metal Detectors UK & Ireland

Walk Through Metal Detectors UK & Ireland

Videplus are distributors of Dahua Walk Through Metal Detectors with and without temperature monitoring.

Walk Through Metal detector with Temperature Monitoring

The Temperature Monitoring walk-through metal detector is a high-performance and high-sensitivity security gate that can detect body temperature. The device has high metal detection sensitivity, light weight, strong
anti-interference, and stable performance. It uses high-strength special
materials which is light-weighted and easy to transport and install. The
Device has a modular design and is manufactured on the unified assembly lines, so it can ensure the good stability. It also has delivers intuitive
interface and simple use, so no operation training is required to use it.
Featuring dual lens, fixed camera, this series provides an all-in-one solution for capturing video surveillance for indoor and outdoor applications. Together with Thermal and Visible Technology, the camera is the
perfect solution for dark, small area monitoring applications. The series
combines one thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness and one
visible camera with Smart IR for confirming details.

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